Can We Know More About Zorb Ball for Group Events and Parties Buying or Rental? – Aug 16, 2017

From, there are plenty of Zorb Ball products available for family parties, organization events, team development programs, and bubble soccer games etc. Would you like to obtain some Body Zorbing equipments for fun in the event? 10 to 12 pieces can be provided with discounted bulk prices, in two different colors, most red and blue two teams, as well as yellow, green and orange etc. It is our pleasesure to serve you here. Welcome to give us a phone call +86-20-2209-8070 or email us by Vano Inflatables Industrial Limited.

Why Should We Be Your Supplier for Bubble Ball Soccer? – Aug 9, 2017

As one of the professional Chinese manufacturers in inflatables industry, we have been developing and producing zorb balls and bubble ball soccer for many years. With the innovation for bubble suit, we always work hard on production and quality assurance to fulfill the normal and novel requirements, ideas and creations of our customers.

Vano Inflatables constantly dedicates to provide the satisfactory quality products around the world as one of the known suppliers in China conducting products inspection before every shipment. Our principle of service is customers first helping to build the good and stable business ties. We are here to offer the clients the durable quality inflatable bubble ball soccer and the best service. is one of the lowest cost manufacturers in China, and has gained reputations especially in USA and Canada markets. Buy bubble balls from Vano Inflatables Industrial Limited at,

How Should We Use Body Zorbing Ball? – Jun 20, 2017

We use Body Zorbing Ball in the recreational plays of bubble football games, which is pretty helpful for developing team spirits in these special and funny events, and in the entertaining surroundings of sports matches. The bumper ball also can be used for events of family gathering, party, school and church organizations etc. Vendor: Vano Inflatables Industrial Limited at or

What is Soccer Bubble Ball? – Jun 13, 2017

Soccer Bubble Ball is a large objective that is made of soft plastic material TPU or PVC and can be worn from the bottom secure by shoulder straps and holding the handles, having the human legs free externally to rush in soccer bubble field indoor or football arena outdoor, with two opening at both sides for the players’ respiration. These bubble suits are especially used in two teams plays soccer match, i.e. 8 or 10 persons., and it lets everyone run, rush and bump other persons as you all work on the goal. It is assured everybody will leave with joy and laughter. Vano Inflatables Industrial Limited

What is Zorbing Ball? – Jun 13, 2017

Zorbing Ball is a big plastic sphere that is wearable over head and body, leaving your legs outside with freedom to walk and run around the bubble football field or soccer arena, with two holes at top and bottom for people’s breathing. These euquipments are particularly used in like six, ten or twelve pieces, which allow the persons to run, crash and roll your competitors as you try to make the goal. Laughter is full of the games.