Cheap Bubble Soccer VS Holleyweb Bubble Football

Recently we found lots supplier offer the very cheap
price for Bubble Football ball
in the open marketing. They used very good
picture, great details.But we are confused, we are the manufacturer. Our
material cost even is higher than their selling price. We checked our
material cost, labour cost,shipping cost. We dont find any cost down

1.The Diameter Size
The ball on the right is ours. It is 1.5 meter, left side is others ( I
bought they said it is 1.5 meter). You can see it is smaller than us.
Their ball is only 1.35 meter ( 4’5” ) diameter.
2.The Weight
Our ball weight is 12kg, their weight is 10.1kg. They short the material so the weight is short.
3. The Rope
For the rope, our rope is round trip skill. Others is only one.
4. Inside Size
Our ball inside size is 50cm which is the right size for bubble
soccer.Others’ ball inside size is ONLY 35cm, we don’t know how a adult
can be fit for this!
5.The Qty For The Button
The right button for the bubble soccer is 128pcs. (8*8 *2 =128) | The others’ ball is 112pcs. ( 8*7*2=112)
We used PLATO PVC which is durable and clear. Others used the commen
PVC, even 0.4mm*2pcs PVC instead of our 1.0mm PVC. They are bad and easy
for quality issue.

Please buy original best quality Bubble Football from us. Cheap is not
the only solution in the business.Hope these information can help you
verify your final supplier.