Holleyweb Zorbing Bubble Football

Zorbing football is typically played in sports halls, though a number of
games have been known to take place outdoors, particularly on grass.
While little more than a joke at the start, Zorbing Football
has grown in popularity over the years, with numerous individuals and
groups of individuals around the globe taking an interest in the game
and beginning to participate in larger numbers than ever before. +Who
can play Zorbing Football? The game is usually open to most people from
all backgrounds and genders; though only individuals above the age of 14
are encouraged to actually participate in the sport.

You can expect to find zorb football in a number of fields and
situations, from stag parties to corporate team building sessions. For
those individuals that are not quite sold on the idea, the sport has a
number of variations that are bound to tickle many an interest. +Origins
Considering the impact the sport has had globally, it is difficult to
believe that zorbing football has only been around for a couple of
years. The sport was created by Henrick Elvestad and Johan Golden. The
pair is the host of a popular TV show called Golden Goal. And it was
during a particular episode of the show that Henrick and Johan filmed
their first game of zorbing football, largely as a joke. The video of
the first ever bubble soccer game (at least as far as can be determined
at the moment) hit the internet and caught fire, attracting millions of

It wasn’t long before zorbing football escaped its home of Norway and
finally landed in the UK; attempts to expand its reach begun with Lee
Moseley, a British entrepreneur whose efforts to light the zorb soccer
spark failed to impress investors who simply could not see a future with
the sport in the country. Far from discouraged, Lee made the difficult
decision to push forward with his idea, eventually financing the project
and transforming Henrick and Johan’s sport into a nationwide
phenomenon. +How it works The concept of zorbing football is pretty
simple; first a player must acquire a zorb; the zorb, a plastic orb, is
worn rather than entered, encompassing the upper half of the body. You
will need to make use of the grips inside the orb.

The orb should provide enough freedom for your legs to allow you to run;
you should also take note of the hole near your head purposed towards
allowing air into the plastic orb. The typical zorb should include
straps that can be used to adjust the zorb to meet one’s size
requirements. With a zorb on hand, the game doesn’t differ that greatly
from traditional soccer, at least at its core, the objective being to
send the ball into your opponents net. The ball is placed at the center
of the field where the players can descend upon it the moment the
whistle is blown, with the key to success revolving around not only
putting the ball into the net but knocking your opponents down. Zorbing football is a very physical game, the kind that might prove dangerous to individuals with high blood pressure, back problems and other issues within this vein.