How Did Aqua Zorbing Became A Favorite Recreational Sport?

A recreational sport like ‘zorbing’ may sound new to many readers. So, let’s clear about it first. Zorbing is a kind of sport that involves a person inside a big inflatable sphere (made of PVC), that can be rolled over a region (even artificial terrains). The best part of engaging in this sport is the exhilaration and adrenaline rush experienced at the same time. In fact, kids and adults alike, enjoy it together.

When rolled over water instead of terrains, it is called as Aqua zorbing and it became a favorite recreational sport in a short span of time. The idea originated from the Hamster Ball where rats were put inside a hollow ball (made of plastic). With the tremendous amount of ecstasy it offers, onlookers may split into a laugh riot seeing the actions of the participants inside the ball. The sport has got some other names to itself too, such as sphereing, Orbing and Globe-riding.

Where to find these ‘zorbs’?

One can find the aqua zorb balls at both offline and online stores. Since the sport has not become familiar in all over India, there are a few outlets that offer these inflatable products. But, there are online marketplaces that sell these inflatable products along with others, such as, paddle and pedal boat for kids, water roller, trampoline, sumo fight suits and so on. There’s no negotiation in online deals and that is why shoppers can compare these products and buy what they like.