Loopyball is used in the grass and land Bumper ball also can be…

Loopyball is used in the grass and land Bumper ball also can be called body zorb
balls, bumping ball,human hamster ball, etc. It is the latest amusement
products,which can be played on the sand beach, grassplot, amusement park,
holiday event and so on. It is great for kids to have fun and play sports games

Bumper ball, someone called it “body ball” “body bounce”, is a new type of
sealed Ball Game after Water Walking Ball and Zorb Ball. It is made of
transparent PVC or TPU with two handles and two adjustable belts inside to
secure the players. This amusement ball is like wearing SUMO SUIT but more
interesting and suitable for more places:like on grass, beach, also in
inflatable pool etc. Players can bump each other, kick the football together,
roll from ramps, or small mountains, turn over …this ball can be used for
rent, re-sell. The size and type can be made as you like after our discussion.
And we have strict quality control to ensure every product be of highest
quality. All our products are sold at factory price. Besides, we will promise we
can do all we can do to make you satisfied. In short, strict quality control +
3-year warranty + competitive factory price + perfect service = Wow!
1. It is the strongest, waterproof, fireproof and UV.
2. Our tarpaulin meets or exceeds all requirements of flammability
standards NFPA701 in today’s industry, including small and large
3. All boat material are lead-free!
4. All seams stitched strength, durability and longevity are double or
quadruple. Only high-quality threads.
5. Each company designs products have a deflation zipper, use Velcro flap
covered zipper, thereby reducing air is lost and zippers are not exposed to wear
and tear.
6. Safe, simple, Convenient installation  very environmentally
7. In each occurrence of high inflation is that a simple tube of PVC
tarpaulin flap,the purpose is closed airflow interruption trigger, thereby
slowing the loss of air.

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