The world is advancing and so is everything around it. New games…

The world is advancing and so is everything around it. New games are
being brought into the limelight every time, and people are looking for
more games that are not only for exercise but also entertaining. The new
game making a hit is about battle balls that is believed to have
started in Dublin and has now gone viral around the world. battle balls
got created by two crazy Norwegians, Johan Golden, and Henrik Elvestad.
battle balls is excellent for the following activities, and you will
find a lot of fun kids’ birthday parties, charity events, school tours,
company events, sports and social activities. You can also have the
hilarious game during the end of season club activities, and it won’t
disappoint you. The game is also referred to as body zorbing, bumper
balls or battle balls. battle balls can be played by either adults or children and goes with a charge.

With the battle balls, we always the same old rules for
any indoor football and you enjoy the fun to the full. With an
inflatable zorb-like bubble, you are supposed to smash into other
players and find yourself rolling away from the ball literally. It is
full of fun and exercise. Players play the game while inside big
transparent bubbles, and then they bump into each other and then fall
without themselves being hurt. It is a game for everyone and requires no
special skills and it gets played by two teams with each made of five
players inclusive of the goalkeeper. The game has three periods each
taking ten minutes. The game can either be played indoors or either in
the outside, and there is a lot of fun in it all.

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