Things You Should Know About Bubble Football Before The First Game

To everyone’s delight, football inside the Zorb ball becomes better with every day. One thing is guaranteed in this game – entertainment. Indeed, the participants play it for fun and try defeating each other’s team.

For all those who don’t know, the Zorb balls are actually the inflatable balls. Each player occupies a Zorb ball and the team plays soccer among themselves, just like a normal football game except the people are inside the inflatable balls.

If you’re going to play the bubble soccer, then the following information can help you a little.

1. Fun, not finesse – The game might have all the practices like a traditional football game, but it is about fun and not of absolute footwork with ball. People tucked inside the balls would love to bump with each other here, unlike in a ‘Zorbless’ football game!

2. Force matters – A strong player can throw away an opponent using force and win the game against the other team. Bubble-to-bubble pushes have more effect than the shoulder-to-shoulder.

3. Fun for viewers – The game of bubble football gives a spectacular show for viewers. Hence, you can learn a bit from watching the ‘real’ game and learn some moves for yourself.

Don’t think that it is hard to find these balls. Yes, the local outlets may not give you much option or any product at all, but the internet can be of great help. Browse some websites, searching for Zorb balls and read through the product description. Have a conversation with the customer care centre and you can decide later.