This is where bubble ball enters the game. You might be thinking…

This is where bubble ball enters the game. You might be thinking what is bubble soccer? It is only the most action packed, entertaining,
delightfully watching, safest version of an invented game ever! It
combines all the challenges and exercise of soccer with the comedy of a
film with the Keystone Cops, and the safeness of a pillow fight! This
wonderful sport was created in Norway and is gaining popularity among
sports fans. For example; As you have heard, it is quite a bit different
from that of soccer that fans have come to know and cheer for. By quite
a bit different, I mean it is completely and utterly unpredictable,
zany, hilarious, wacky, and any other farcical words you wish to throw
into the mix.   Now I am sure I have your interest peaked with how this zany game of bubble ball
is played. Well, it is just like soccer, bubble ball is played on a
regulation size pitch of grass, with a referee and goalies.

Usually time
is still kept as to regulation of game play, or the game could just
suddenly end when all the players have ran and bounced themselves into
exhaustion, or when all the players are laughing so hard they cannot
manage to play any further.   You might think this
is a bit odd and wonder what it is actually like to play bubble ball.
Well if you have ever been in the middle of a pillow fight, imagine how
the pillow feels. Pretend all your teammates and opponents are pillows.
You just run into them and BUMP! It is kind of like
being on the bumper cars at the fair.

You could ram all your friends
with the cars and know that everyone would be okay when the ride was
over? Another way to think of it, and this is how I think of it, is Sumo
Wrestling. The only difference is that it is outside instead of inside
and there are eleven sumos on each team instead of one on one. They are
all after the ball and they have to try to kick the ball into the goal.
This is a very physical, yet bouncy, game.Get More Information About Bubble Ball From